Waterlily Tea House

We want to bring the story of tea back to the modern world. Tea is a beverage rooted in tradition. It has been enjoyed all over the world for centuries, yet we have almost forgotten about the drink we enjoy every day. Tea shouldn’t just be a commodity – it’s a story worth preserving and sharing.

Whether you enjoy tea to relax, for good health or as an everyday drink, We would love to provide you with quality tea and useful information guiding  you through your tea tasting experience.

We source our teas from some of the most beautiful tea regions in the world working directly with the tea producer to bring you our choice of fine black, white, green, oolong and infusion teas. The relationships we share with our tea producers means you’ll always receive competitive prices and the opportunity to taste exclusive teas.

My own tea story

Of Chinese origin, UK based Laura Hui Zhu has always been passionate about tea. Waterlily Tea House was inspired after numerous visits to China where Laura learnt about tea and the art of tea making under experienced tea masters.

“Despite being a tea drinking nation, it can be hard to find good quality tea merchants in London. I wanted to continue my tea drinking journey but also share my love for tea with more people. Drinking fine teas and talking about them makes me happy. I knew I had to turn my passion into my purpose.”

Then Waterlily Tea House was born.

Waterlily Tea House

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