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A premium drinking experience for those wanting liquor free fun.

APRTF was founded in 2020 by friends Emma and Alexandra. APRTF was born as a result of the pandemic, which provided an opportunity for both Emma and Alexandra to reflect on their lifestyle and work/life balance. Lockdown had introduced new drinking habits, and with no school run or daily commute, a more laid back attitude to drinking had been adopted. With a newfound focus and the aim to seek a better quality non-alcoholic spirit, Emma and Alex began to explore with their own unique flavour profiles. Realising people craved the same flavours, APRTF was created so people can still enjoy their favourite cocktails with no or low alcohol, for any occasion, and most importantly – without compromise. 

APRTF is a british 0.0% ABV bitter aperitif. Think Campari style without the calories. It is gluten free, suitable for vegans, naturally low in sugar and only 10 calories per 50ml. Along with your favourite mixer, you can now enjoy an evening 0% Negroni style drink. APRTF is the alternative for the mindful drinker and health conscious. 0% alcohol and naturally low in calories, APRTF is a thoroughly enjoyable yet sin free drink. It’s for those who want to tear up the dance floor sober, and for those who simply want to wake up with a clear head the following morning.