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Makes exclusively gluten-free, delicious sweet treats.

Lauren, (founder and self-professed sugar-fiend) set up her own baking business from her home in Bristol back in 2018. She has an unashamed sweet tooth and after her health took a turn in 2014, she had to adopt a gluten free diet. She very quickly became aware of how dry and tasteless 'gluten free' supermarket cakes and biscuits were. The more products she tried, the more determined she became to change the terrible reputation of gluten free goodies, and set off to create her own assortment of gluten free goodies. 

At Bonbon, flavour is at the heart of everything they create. They don't use cheap, over processed ingredients with loads of additives and preservatives. They use quality, pure ingredients, and it really comes through in the taste. Their sweet treats are not just free from gluten containing ingredients, but also produced by people that understand the risks of cross contamination. All items are baked in a kitchen that is exclusively gluten free, so coeliacs and the like can be assured that there is no cross contamination. They use ingredients like Belgian chocolate, butter (no margerine here!), high percentage cocoa powder...basically all the good stuff! It makes Bonbon stand out from the crowd.