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Brite Drinks


Brite is made with nature’s superfoods and contains the perfect blend natural nootropics to keep you focused.

Replace coffee and energy drinks with Brite to be more productive. Based on research by leading neuroscientists, made with superfoods.

In order to create Brite, they have used nature’s superfoods for mental clarity: organic matcha, guarana, guayusa and green tea. Brite features the perfect blend of natural nootropics: L-Theanine 150mg & Caffeine 150mg.

Founded by Andrius and Simas - a chemical engineer and a professional swimmer. They were climbing the corporate career ladder while using coffee to stay on top of the work day. It was after a few cups too many causing jitters and a loss of focus, that they started looking for a more effective alternative without negative side effects.

After studying the work of leading neuroscientists, an idea was born to create a natural and delicious drink that would not only be more effective, but also more nutritious than coffee and energy drinks. They have worked together with food technologists and nutritionists at University College London since the beginning. 


We're not the only ones who love them!

Also available at Planet Organic and Sainsbury's.