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Crumbs Brewing


Fighting food waste by turning unsold artisan loaves from Chalk Hill bakery into a range of delicious beers. It’s beer, bread differently.

Crumbs Brewing are doing their bit to address the growing problem of food waste by making their beers from bread that would otherwise go unsold. That’s right, they make beer out of leftover bread. But they don't just use any old loaves in their brews. They use leftover loaves from their local bakery, Chalk Hills, in Reigate. Their bread is delicious, handmade artisan bread so their beers have to do it justice.

So each of their brews uses a different leftover loaf in its recipe. That way the style and flavours of the loaf are reflected in the taste of the beer. From their light, zesty sourdough pale ale to their dark mysterious rye ruby ale, there’ll be a style that you love.They’ve already saved many tonnes of Chalk Hills delicious bread from being wasted. Go on, give them a try, taste their great beers as you do something positive for our environment!

We're not the only ones who love them!

"Immaculately balanced, this is malty magic!" - Olly Smith, TV Drink Specialist

"I’m thoroughly enjoying your beers, absolutely spot on" - Roger Protz, Beer Writer

"It’s the kind of beer that reminds me how diverse and delicious beer can be" Jessica Mason, (aka Drinks Maven, Beer Writer)