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" Two Chimps Coffee's hand-roasted, small-batch speciality coffees ... "

Two Chimps Coffee

Customer Review

I work in an office which is in the centre of town and we are ...

I work in an office which is in the centre of town and we are surrounded by coffee houses, costa coffee, nero, starbucks and loads of other non brand name coffee places, but after trying coffee from this seller I cannot stomach any of the coffees from around here.

The quality is AMAZING and drinking it black with no sugar is just so tasty.

I have ordered many different flavours and will continue to do so regularly. I have even given away my nero card as I wont be using it any more :)

Thanks for this very high quality and good tasting coffee.

Once you try this coffee you wont be able to go back to the sewage coffee that is sold in these coffee houses.

Highly recommend!

'88 Minutes Past 3' Honduras Single Origin Coffee

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