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" PANA ORGANIC - SALTED CARAMEL  Salted Caramel like you’ve ... "

Pana Organic

Customer Review

The chocolate is lovely.

The chocolate is lovely. I can eat a whole white chocolate or salted caramel bar in one go. The darker ones are very intense and a couple of squares for dessert or afternoon treat is perfect.
However, the location of the maker is listed as Wimborne. The chocolate packaging very clearly says that it is made in Australia, so I think that should be made clear in the description. Nothing wrong with Australia, but if you think you are buying something made by a UK small producer, as Yumbles specialises in, it will come as a surprise. If it included the information about where it comes from, I would buy it from here again as it's very good, but Yumbles overview says it is curating the UK's best small batch independent food and drink producers so it is inappropriate to not mention that this is not a UK product anywhere in the description or maker's information. A great product, so just tell custoners where it's from.

Salted Caramel Pana Organic Chocolate Bars (3 bars)

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