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" This is a Bitter Orange Rum- liqueur of limited amounts due to ... "

Mother's Ruin

Customer Review

I bought this on a whim - wanting to try something new - I've ...

I bought this on a whim - wanting to try something new - I've had marmalade vodka before and liked it; I like a good rum and thought this sounded interesting. I am so glad I gave it a try.

This is not a sickly sweet liqueur. If you have a sweet tooth then this might not be the drink for you. It is a grown up drink. It is a complex drink. It is the 80% dark chocolate of the liqueur world - something to be savoured, to be revelled in.

If you like marmalade on your morning toast then you're really going to like this.

The terracotta bottle makes it a stand out gift that would grace the very best of liquor cabinets. With each sip, my whole mouth delights in the finely balanced bitter sweet battle as rum and orange combine in perfect harmony.

Bitter Orange Rum

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