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" A special edition pear spirit made with only one variety of ... "

Charles Martell

Customer Review

These limited edition, speciality spirits from Charles Martell ...

These limited edition, speciality spirits from Charles Martell are well packaged and presented. They would make an excellent gift for the adventurous drinker or for those people who seem to have already tried every other drink out there.

For my birthday last year I decided to treat myself to a bottle of each variety, both the Dymock Red and the Speart. I enjoyed them both very much.

The level of flavour in both is good, especially when you consider how early in the distillation process the pear flavours come over and I was expecting there to be more of a heads burn but was pleasantly surprised. The flavours are more complex and 'peary' than I was expecting with a marked difference between the two different varieties.

If I had to pick a favourite, it would be the Red Dymock, but that's just my personal preference and I'd be over the moon to be given either as a present.

Single Variety Pear Spirits Special Editions

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