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" Use this Extraordinary Paleo Brownie Mix to make possibly the ... "

Pebbles Pantry

Customer Review

I have just received my Extraordinary Chocolate Brownie mix and ...

I have just received my Extraordinary Chocolate Brownie mix and first impressions was "ohh what's this fancy parcel I've ordered??" then I saw the Pebbles Pantry sticker and got super excited! The packaging it comes in is clean and fresh. I decided to get baking straight away so I got everything ready - you need a food processor which most people already have. It's so simple to make, just add eggs and butter / coconut oil. The instructions are simple and easy to follow.
They've come out the oven and smell DELICIOUS! I had a little taste and I wasn't disappointed. You cant tell the difference between regular brownies and these paleo ones. Is it still "guilt free" if I eat them all before my husband gets home?
I have to say I'm pretty chuffed to find something I can indulge in, as my solo baking skills are shocking!
Thanks PP, one happy customer over here.

Extraordinary Paleo Brownie Mix

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