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English Spirit Distillery

Great Yeldham

Small batch spirits and liqueurs handcrafted in copper pot stills with wit and English pride.

Master distiller and founder Dr. John Walters graduated from Oxford with a doctorate in biochemistry, and after working in various companies, decided to settle down in the drinks industry. He started his own distillery wanting to prove a theory he heard on the radio that eau de vie production in England was impossible, wrong. Using his vodka as a base (which is derived from local sugar beet), John hot macerates botanicals chosen for their flavour, smell and provenance, adding them at different stages before distilling them all together.

One of the very few distillers in the country that makes their own vodka to re-distil into gin, the English Spirit Distillery makes a diverse range of spirits including the only rum made in England!

We're not the only ones who love them!

Their spirits have won multiple international medals, and their rum won the 2014 international competition for best rum, beating Bacardi and Havana, at RumFest in Hong Kong.