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Feast Box


Cultured cooking. Kits to prepare authentic Asian and Middle Eastern meals from scratch, right in your own kitchen.

Jyoti grew up in a large Indian family, spending hours with her grandmother as she prepared enough incredible food for everyone to gather round the table and enjoy. She wanted to share her knowledge of Asian cooking and make the food that is so familiar to her more accessible to others. This inspired her idea for Feast Box, giving everyone the chance to create tantalising Eastern dishes with all the right ingredients, even on a weeknight.

Inside every Feast Box is a treasure trove of fresh, local produce, pre-measured ingredients and authentic recipes inspired by diverse regional cuisines. Each recipe card is there to guide you through a rewarding cooking experience that will activate all of your senses. With a team of experts dedicated to procuring specialist ingredients, Feast Box aims to bring the real flavours of the East to adventurous foodies and beginner cooks alike.

We're not the only ones who love them!

Feast Box were rated #1 recipe box on the market by the Telegraph, and have been featured on the BBC, the Daily Mail and The Guardian to name a few.