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Green's Gluten Free Beers

Green's Gluten Free Beers


Gluten free craft beers brewed in Belgium by a British Coeliac.

The inspiration for Green’s Beers came from their founder Derek Green, a proud Yorkshireman with a taste for beer, but who was diagnosed Coeliac which prevented him consuming his favourite tipple. In 2003 he began the search for a way forward to brew a beer without the gluten protein. Through a long process of false hopes and dead end trails, a chance meeting with a Belgian food and drink technologist who’s daughter was Coeliac changed everything and Europe’s first gluten and wheat free beer was launched in 2004 aptly named ‘Discovery’ Together Derek and Roger created a number of recipes which they took to the famous ‘de Proef’ (the Professor) Brouwerj in Belgium, and the rest is history.

Brewed from Ancient Grains buckwheat, millet, sorghum and brown rice, they are naturally gluten-free and free of the fourteen common allergens. These cereals also boast healthier attributes with higher levels of protein, vitamins and nutrients than barley based beers. They are all re-fermented in the bottle making the beers gentler on the digestive system, delivering probiotic benefits, and naturally filtered allowing them to be Vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society.

Explore and buy from the full range of Green’s original gluten-free beers, from crisp, light lagers to rich, dark ales!