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Honestly Tasty

Honestly Tasty

Wood Green

A food start-up based in Haringey, Honestly Tasty was founded by Mike when his newly found veganism came up against his love for cheese. Not willing to settle for less, Mike left the corporate life behind and embarked on a mission to create honestly tasty alternatives to dairy cheese, without compromising on taste or texture. "Alternatives" so good that they'll change attitudes and ultimately, change behaviour.



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Christopher L. "I bought the Selection not because I'm Vegan but because I care about the Planet. If I were a Vegan I'd be absolutely delighted to have found a variety of cheeses that are truly tasty and because I care about the Planet I'm over the moon that these cheese give me the opportunity to eat one of my favourite food types without having a negative effect on our most precious resource."


Claire B: "The one thing we’ve struggled with in the 3 years our family has been plant based is cheese. Missing cheese. But this cured us! The full collection covered everything we missed and then some. A plant based cheese lovers dream (which we also shared with non plant based family who also loved it) We can’t wait to order and eat more