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Iconic Biscuits

Iconic Biscuits


I’m Mike, and I make shortbread right here in Northern Ireland. I would LOVE to share it with you and when you visit, you’re more than welcome to drop in and say hi. I’ll stick the kettle on, and open a packet of biscuits*.

My Northern Irish shortbread is made with local butter. It’s creamy, lightly salted and delicious.

*Not to be confused with biscuits of the USA, which we call scones.

My biscuits aren’t really cookies either, that’s a big flat chewy biscuit, often flavoured with chocolate chips.
I’ve always loved biscuits (custard creams are my nemesis) but my background is in marketing, sales and photography.

I retrained in professional cookery after my daughter was born and before launching my biscuit business part time, selling hundreds of biscuits to work colleagues.

In 2020 I fitted out a factory and went into full time production, selling thousands of biscuits online and into shops.

We're not the only ones who love them!


Reviews from around the world:

Canada: "They are delicious and the bags are a lovely touch"

UK: "Brilliant this was a gift for my parents and they absolutely loved them. They said it was the best shortbread they had ever had. Will definitely be buying again. Thank you."

NI: "Delicious biccies. I’ve set up a standing order for repeat deliveries. So convenient."