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Jim and Tonic


A sustainable urban gin company determined to become the distillery of the future. 

At Jim and Tonic, they believe it's about time quality spirits and sustainability went hand in hand. That’s why they're ushering in the Roaring 2020’s with a new breed of gin fit for the times. They constantly pioneer methods to reduce their waste, reuse their resources and regenerate their London surroundings. A revolutionising business on a goal to challenge what it means to be located within the Big Smoke. Hence why they call it; Sustainable Urban Gin.

Jim and Tonic was founded by Jim, who loves both gin and new business ideas. One day Jim attended a successful Corporate Golf Day which led him to a mobile gin van called ‘Genevieve’. The rest is history. 

Now they are working with community gardens across London to ensure that they are getting the ingredients as local and sustainable as possible. And supporting local social enterprise groups who employ, train and mentor disadvantaged youths in gardening and horticulture. Finally, the distillery uses a ‘closed loop’ system. This means they recycle and reuse as much of the heat and water that is required during the distillation process.