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Kandy Kitchen Creations

Kandy Kitchen Creations


Super Simple soups, stews & risottos which are all beautifully packaged, pre-measured dry ingredients for classic, contemporary and exiting family meals.

During a trip to Canada in 2017, Karen and Andy stayed with friends in a rural, farming community. They visited a craft fair and market and saw products layered in a sand-art style. They hadn’t seen anything like this in the UK. They set about working out if they could source natural ingredients and combine them into an attractive, easy to make package, resulting in their amazing soups, stews, risottos and puddings. 

Kandy Kitchen Creations were on DRAGONS' DEN on 20th January 2022,  Series 19, Episode 3 on BBC ONE - watch on iPlayer/YouTube.

Their "Super Simple" range of savoury family meals, include all the dry ingredients in a  home compostable tube, including the stock, herbs and spices. Many just require 2.5 to 3 pints of water and a heat source, and you'll have a family meal in no time! Gluten free/vegan options are available.

Super simple! Each make at least 4 portions.

There is also a tasty range of Super Simple Puddings which again include all the dry ingredients in a home compostable tube. You will need either eggs, butter or oil and either a cooker or fridge.