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Kina Ceramics


Contemporary porcelain tableware that surprise, intrigue and surely make you smile.

Kina Gorska spent hours playing with clay as a child, creating simple dishes and figurines. Little did she know that those hours of childish fun would subsequently direct the course of her life. After concluding her studies in Ceramic Design and presenting her work in several international exhibitions and symposiums, she has set up a studio with her partner Darek where they hand-craft contemporary porcelain crockery in the finest bone china.

Kina's unique designs invite you to play with them and discover their extra function.

Alice in Wonderland Porcelain Cup and Saucer
3,4 fl oz (approx 100ml).
by Kina Ceramics
From  £20.00
Speech Bubble Porcelain Bowl
17 x 12,5cm.
by Kina Ceramics
From  £134.00
From  £27.00
Porcelain Fingers Mug
450ml, H: 12cm
by Kina Ceramics
From  £24.00
Bespoke Porcelain Speech Bubble Plate
20cm x 13cm
by Kina Ceramics
From  £17.00
Porcelain Pineapple Mug
approximately 450ml (15fl oz)
by Kina Ceramics
From  £20.00
White Porcelain Cup and Saucer
approx. 150ml (5fl oz).
by Kina Ceramics
From  £19.00
Small Black Ceramic Cup
approx. 150ml (5fl oz).
by Kina Ceramics
Black Porcelain Pineapple Cup and Saucer
100ml, H: 7cm
by Kina Ceramics
From  £24.00
Porcelain Spiky Mug
by Kina Ceramics
From  £33.00