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Lyburn Cheese


Cheese from the family farm of Lyburn known for their Old Whincester cheese. 

In 1952 the Smales family bought and moved to a small 50 acre farm called Little Buckholt, close to the village of West Tytherley, in Hampshire. Starting with 3 Gurnsey cows, Faith, Hope and Beatrix,  have milked cows, twice a day, every day since that year, 3 generations and spanning more than 60 years. In 1969 they took on Lyburn Farm, starting with about 270 acres and 200 cows. They are known for the Old Winchester, which is a very hard 18 month cheese, using a vegetarian rennet, and is then thus used by many as a vegetarian replacement for Parmesan

Apart from making wonderful cheese, an equal important mission is to have happy cows. This is done by making sure the food, housing and health is all in top shape. The cows have access to food 24 hours a day, the ration is carefully put together so that they never get too fat and never go without. During the summer, there is no need for housing, the cows just take to the field and lie where they will. In the winter, they live indoors, much too wet and miserable to live out and produce milk. And finally, all health and nursing is done in house, with no unnecessary 6-weeks waiting time.