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Marvellous Mustard


Kits to make your own flavoured wholegrain mustard at home - the perfect gift for mustard lovers!

Founder Belinda wanted to develop a range of unique products that would be simple and fun to make. Marvellous Mustard launched in 2014 to revolutionise the world of flavoured mustards! She recognises that mustard is a little like marmite, people either love it or loathe it.. For those who love it, Marvellous Mustard kits are the most unique gift that money can buy, not to mention the bragging rights that go with having made your own tastebud tantalising mustard! Available in 6 flavours including world exclusives, gin, port and brandy flavours, the world of mustard truly is being revolutionised by Marvellous Mustard.

Marvellous Mustard kits have no artificial ingredients or additives which means that the seeds remain crunchy and quite literally,pop in your mouth, a truly marvellous lip-smacking taste sensation.

Our beer, whisky and brandy flavours are particularly popular as gifts for men ... let's face it, they've probably received more than enough pairs of socks! Ladies tend to love our honey, gin and port flavours - the port mustard is especially delicious with cheese.

Simply add water, vinegar plus your favourite brand of the relevant alcohol to the ingredients we supply, pop them into the 4 super cute labelled 60g jars and you can be enjoying your own home-made mustard in just over a week.


We're not the only ones who love them!

In their article about Marvellous Mustard, the Scottish Field noted that "it's official, mustard is really marvellous"!