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Mighty Brew

Mighty Brew


Fully independent, family-owned business from Hampshire

Founders Peter and Julia want to share their discoveries around healthy eating and holistic living with others to help them nourish the mind, body and soul. Peter’s background knowledge of the health and wellness industry combined with Julia’s love of creating authentic, soulful food is what led them to create Mighty Brew.

Mighty Brew have a sophisticated kombucha micro-brewery where they use traditional artisan techniques to produce the purest form of kombucha, that's bursting with life. They only use organic, natural, pure quality ingredients to ensure the best possible tasting products, and value transparency and sustainable business practices.

We're not the only ones who love them!

"Been looking for an alternative to the alcohol reward scenario for a long time now .... so glad to have found this drink (and locally) ...especially as I am now able to drink Kombucha and reward my body as well as my mind!!!! Has to be a win win." Barbara from Hampshire

"I discovered this companies mocktails yesterday and 5 * isn't enough. I was completely converted from the 1st sip. The best drink experience I've probably ever had, which seems a bit over the top, but it's genuinely how I feel about it!" Jo from Somerset

"Just letting you know that I was so grateful to receive the gifts of the new Summer Bliss bottles. And we loved it! I’ve just ordered more. Thank you for your excellent service and fab products. Nurturing our guts one sip at a time!" Clare from Hamshire