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Mode & Grace

Mode & Grace


A stunning range of baked treats with an emphasis on the beauty provided from nature, such as colourful flowers and organic ingredients. 

Mode & Grace is a family run team of artisan food makers in a sleepy Yorkshire Mill Town. They have spent hours researching and developing recipes for old classics and new exciting products, including gluten and dairy free products. Everything is made using the finest organic and natural products without any artificial colours or preservatives.

Everything is done by hand, slowly and artistically, with much care and attention. Baked to order, their products are guaranteed to arrive as fresh as a daisy for you to enjoy! Because above all, they love what they do and they have lots of fun doing it. Their mission is to deliver exceptional, innovative taste experiences to those who are seeking something very different, focusing on appearance, taste, quality, personal service & clear value for money. 


We're not the only ones who love them!

Great Taste Awards 2021



"What a truly stunning appearance your edible flower topped brownie has, absolutely beautiful. The rich decadent aroma is immediately enticing. The mouthfeel and texture are bang on the money in terms of the firm chocolate top and fudgy centre. The flowers and herbs atop the brownie each have individual flavour and contribute well to this sweet rich experience. We do feel though that the chocolate/cocoa could do with a bit more character to truly enhance the sensory experience."

"We are bowled over by the appearance of these floral brownies.  The edible flowers are a joy to look at! On tasting we love the crunch through the chocolate before the chocolatey fudgy base melts in the mouth. We think this would make a perfect centrepiece for a wedding it is so beautiful. Often when we see things this stunning, the flavour disappoints but not in this case. Although one judge would have liked even more dark chocolate taste we all agree it is delicious. This is not just a feast for the eyes but a feast for the palate too. Many congratulations, this is outstanding." 

"This is the prettiest brownie we have encountered. We were initially worried this could be a case of style over substance, but worry not - this brownie ticked all the boxes. Rich, indulgent chocolate; soft, gooey batter, helped by the ground almonds that have tempered the sweetness. Absolutely fabulous.​"

 Original Fudgy Brownies awarded 2 Stars

 Vanilla Fudgy Brownies awarded 1 star