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Nanna's Christmas Pudding

Houghton Regis

We are Paul and Holly, a husband and wife team with two little family apprentices, from Bedfordshire. Paul's childhood memories of Christmas always included helping Mum in the kitchen mixing up and steaming Nanna's Christmas puddings and making, baking and decorating Grandma's Christmas cake.

We always called our Christmas pudding Nanna's because we believed it was our Nanna's recipe. On finding Nanna's handwritten recipe book we discovered the pudding recipe was much older than we thought. She had titled it "Mum's Christmas Pudding." So that means the recipe is at least our Great Grandmother's.

The recipe for our Christmas cake I am sure you can guess was originally Paul's other Grandma's recipe. Home baked cakes, sweets and treats was a common sight for Paul growing up, as Grandma had taught everything she knew about cake making to his mum. Grandma's special recipe for Christmas cake was the only one to be used for the festive period.

Nanna's Gluten and Dairy Free Christmas Pudding
Multiple options
by Nanna's Christmas Pudding
From  £6.26
Nanna's Christmas Puddings
Multiple sizes available
by Nanna's Christmas Pudding
From  £6.95
  • Sold out
Grandma's Christmas Cake Kit (with cherries)
by Nanna's Christmas Pudding
From  £16.95