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Nunc Jun-Kombucha

North Marston

Jun-Kombucha is a non-alcoholic sparkling fermented tea soft drink for adults that is packed full of goodness.

Nunc’s story began in 2018, when the founders made the decision to live more in the present. At the same time, they had an abundance of honey (from the bee hives they care for) and were disappointed with the non-alcoholic and healthy offerings available in pubs and restaurants. After months of searching, they discovered a rare fermentation called Jun. Hundreds of litres of brews and multiple experiments later, Nunc was born – a healthy non-alcoholic drink handcrafted with green tea, raw honey and botanicals.

Nunc brews their Jun-Kombucha using traditional methods, though they have also adopted various brewing techniques common to winemaking and beer brewing. These techniques allow them to control the alcohol levels and to minimise the differences in taste between batches, though every batch is still unique (as you would expect from a living drink). The green tea they use has been carefully selected to compliment the flavours of the raw honey, creating a delicious foundation for their drinks.

Jun-Kombucha is similar to kombucha but very different, unlike Kombucha it is fermented using premium green teas only and raw honey from Buckinghamshire (they use their own honey, as well as honey from other beekeepers within 5 miles of their brewery).

We're not the only ones who love them!

Quote from Great Taste Awards Judge on Nunc's Hops Monster flavour:
“Bright and effervescent in the glass. The aroma is hugely inviting… Bright and clean on the palate… The finish is clean, with some lengths of soft sourness, and inspires further sipping.”