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Cheers Dad Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cheers Dad Cookie

Dads love cookies, right? You can treat your Dad this Fatehrs Day with this delicious personalised Giant 7" Chocolate Chip Cookie.

This delectable edible gift is handcrafted with dollops of delight in the Ooh & Aah boutique bakery and decorated to perfection to ensure all Dads enjoy every last tasty crumb.

Ooh & Aah speciality cookies are freshly baked to give the ultimate crunch on the outside and the soft and chewy centre which we all love.

The cookie comes gift wrapped in a bespoke postage box which is designed to fit through the recipients letterbox. 14 day shelf life

Made to order
Made to order
Artificial ingredients free
Artificial ingredients free
Made by hand
Made by hand
Made in the UK
Made in the UK

Sugar, butter, egg, wheat flour, raising agent, salt, vanilla, chocolate chips, natural colouring Free from artificial ingredients

Allergy Advice:
Wheat, egg, milk, may contain traces of nut

Reviewed by

I ordered a cookie personalised for my dads 70th birthday. I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the great service. My dad rang me to say he had received it today and he sent me a picture. It's absolutely amazing.... thank you so much x

Happy Birthday Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie - Blue

Reviewed by

The cookie received was not the cookie as pictured, and is nowhere near as nice.

It featured a significantly lower standard image, which was tiny and you can only just tell is the elf in question (it is a full length elf, rather than the face). The cookie is advertised as being iced to perfection, but mine was rather slapdash, with the dots irregular and in places merging into each other.

When contacted the seller explained that the poor quality substitute for the pictured cookie was due to high demand around Christmas. This is something that surely could be anticipated when selling an elf themed cookie at Christmas time. Irrespective, as the purchaser it is not my fault if the seller cannot manage their stock control. It should have been communicated that the cookie would not look as pictured, I could then have had the option to cancel my order.

I suggested that the seller make it clear in their advert that you are not getting the pictured cookie, but whatever they fancy sending out and she said she would change the advert. This has not happened.

Be warned, that when purchasing from this seller you may not get what you order and they are not interested in rectifying the poor products.

Elf Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Card

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Made to order
Made to order
Artificial ingredients free
Artificial ingredients free
Made by hand
Made by hand
Made in the UK
Made in the UK
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