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Vegan crunchy chocolate squares with 46% less sugar than commercial chocolate snacks. 

Peakz is made in a “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory” style factory in Yorkshire. This female run company started after realising there were fewer healthier confectionery snack options that also appealed to vegans and vegetarians. They created a snack that uses rak chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and has whole grain cereal at its core. 

It is a perfect snack for young and old. It can be eaten on the go, in the cinema, at school, before cycling or after a workout, during a party, in the pub, or when the afternoon peckish feelings hit you at work! The snacks are high in fibre, made with British wholegrain wheat. Packed with Iron (33% or recommended daily intake) and Vitamin B12 (25% recommended daily intake). GMO free and do not contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives 


We're not the only ones who love them!

We have fans everywhere:

LJ @wildcatfit: I love Peakz because with my busy and active lifestyle I'm often travelling or on the go but I need to fuel well so I make sure to have healthier snacks in my bag. They taste like an indulgent treat but they're vegan, low sugar and just the right amount of sweetness. I often have them as an afternoon pick me up before a busy night teaching classes! 

Emily Bedford @emerlyjayne: Peakz are super easy to grab on the go, a little bit of yummy without all the calories of a massive snack! Just enough chocolate on each square without making it too overpowering. 

Tatiana Price @outstandingoats: I love Peakz snacks, I think my favourite flavour is chocolate orange! I love how they’re a source of fibre, iron and B12 and make a fab snack to take to uni for a mid morning munch. 

Clive Morrish @superdogrocket: Peakz are at the top of the snack game. The chocolate orange flavour always hits the spot and I usually add them to my porridge which is a treat. I especially enjoy them with a cuppa when I’m relaxing at the weekend after a long day in the garage tinkering on my car. Usually I find dark chocolate bitter but I don’t find this with Peakz, instead the flavour fully satisfies any chocolate cravings, but you don’t feel like you’ve over-indulged. They are delicious.

Grainne Mears-Bullen @cakesweightsandproteinshakes: I like trying new things and I thought they sounded delicious. Especially at around 150kcal a bag. I started off with the hazelnut flavour. Still a firm favourite and since then I’ve enjoyed the whole range! They are my absolute number 1 go to snack now at work and at the weekend. They give me my chocolate fix without feeling like I’m eating loads of sugary rubbish, and there are so many in the bag they seem to last forever. Vegan, no palm oil, high in fibre, lots of other good stuff, and less sugar than your average treat, yet I have no idea how! I’m yet to introduce them to anyone who doesn’t also absolutely adore them.