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Popcorn Shed


We’re Sam and Laura, cousins and founders of Popcorn Shed.  

We have always appreciated the humble popcorn snack and its power to enhance special moments spent with friends, family and loved ones. With that in mind, we dedicated ourselves to perfecting popcorn treats associated with joy and happiness by prioritising flavour and quality, hoping that it will bring our fans as many great memories as it has brought to us. Whether it's sweet or savoury, our tasty treats are so much more than just popcorn. Because we add nuts, chocolate or fruit to our tasty kernels, the flavours are guaranteed to blow your mind. With over 14 flavours and a variety of pack sizes and gift options, we're sure there's something you'll love!

Operating out of our garden shed since 2016, Popcorn Shed is a home-grown, family-owned business - a made in Britain artisanal brand.

We're not the only ones who love them!

'We're big fans of Popcorn Shed's Pecan Pie popcorn!' - Sunday Times Food

'Very crispy and fresh. A truly delicious Salted Caramel flavour!' - Great Taste Awards Panel

'Is there anything more joyful than multicoloured popcorn?' - Metro UK

'The cousins really put the time in to find the best possible flavours for Popcorn Shed’s products.' - The Mirror