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Can You Drink Red Wine AND Be Healthy?

Can You Drink Red Wine AND Be Healthy?

Have you ever wondered if you can drink red wine and be healthy? One minute there seems to be a study saying it can protect our heart. The next, another saying it's bad for us! Is it any wonder we're confused?! And that's even before the third glass!

In a bid to find out once and for all, I looked into a few studies to find out if there was any real justification for my nightly glass of Merlot.

Can you drink red wine and be healthy? 

It’s probably best to say that drinking wine is never going to be good for you, per se. It’s certainly not a must for becoming fit and healthy, anyway. However, those of us who enjoy a glass of red over the weekend can justify our tipple with the fact that out of all alchoholic drinks - red wine does seem to have the most health benefits.

Hurray for antioxidants

It all seems to come down to the antioxidants found in the coloured skins of the grapes. The antioxidants in red wine are also found in dark chocolate, and they’re thought to share some of the same health benefits. In moderation, red wine is thought to help body cells, nerve and tissue damage - some studies have linked moderate consumption of red wine with a healthy heart. Bear in mind though that this usually applies to people ages over 40 at least, so glugging bottles of red in your 20s will probably do you more harm than good!

All things in moderation 

Some studies are sceptical of the suggestion that wine is good for us in general, as over-consumption of alchohol in general is a major health problem in the West. However, if you plan to indulge, it seems that drinking one small glass of red wine five days a week won't do you any harm, and could even have some health benefits. Any more than this is thought to reverse the effects though, so don't go overboard! 

I'd love to know what you think - do you believe you can drink red wine and be healthy? Do you justify any indulgences by looking for health benefits?? Would love to hear from you if so! 

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