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Eat Pasta Every Day and Stay Slim: How?

Eat Pasta Every Day and Stay Slim: How?

How do Italian women eat pasta every day, and stay slim? I know I can't be the only one who's wondered this, usally while tucking into a bowl of spaghetti bolognese or whipping-up a creamy carbonara sauce. It's hard to imagine eating pasta every day, without piling on the pounds. But that's what women in Italy do: how?! 

All About Balance

Here in the UK, we see pasta as the main event. We tend to eat a whole bowl of the stuff for our main meal, mixed with rich sauces and lashings of grated parmesan. The Italian way is to enjoy a small bowl of pasta as a first dish, then to fill up with fresh meat, fish, salad and vegetables. Italian women definitely aren't loading-up on heavy pasta sauces every day...or eating copious garlic dough balls on the side! They're just eating pasta as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 


Less Booze

Be often do you wash down your pasta with a large glass or Cianti? Or maybe a Peroni, or nice chilled Prosecco...? While Italy has some of the best wines in the world, Italian women drink a lot less than we do here in the UK. From my experience, they'll drink a small glass of wine with dinner - then leave it at that. They're definitely not finishing the bottle on a Thursday night, "just because". Meaning they're consuming significantly fewer calories on a weekly basis than many of us. 

Homemade and Healthy

In Italy, people shop and cook differently. Prepared and convenience foods are becoming more popular, but they're definitely no way as common as they are here. Most Italian women would scoff at the idea of buying a ready made pasta sauce - it's just not the done thing. They'd laugh even more if they saw all the added sugar, salt and preservatives the Dolmios of this world chuck in! Italians cook from scratch using olive oil, fresh vegetables and the best quality ingredients they can afford. Fresh, homemade and healthy - plus they're more likely to take the time to sit down and really savour their food. Start cooking like a true italian with our organic hampers available from Yumbles.  

Food for thought, right?! When I started to think about how Italian women eat pasta every day and still stay slim, I realised how often we're looking for quick fixes and "bad" foods to blame. Pasta isn't bad for us - it's all about balance. It's no wonder the Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world, or that we're so often envying the figures of our French, Italian and Spanish friends! From now on, I'm going to be following their lead a bit more...and maybe cutting back on the Tiramisu! Grab the perfect Italian hamper for yourself now!

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