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Give Up Booze? Perhaps You Should...

Give Up Booze? Perhaps You Should...

As summer heats-up, so does the temptation to cool down with something cold and refreshing after work. Who doesn't enjoy spending long summer evenings in beer gardens, sipping cold wine or Pimms? Don't even get me started on the all-day barbecues...

The problem is, drinking too much can lead to more than just pounding heads and upset tummies. Taking a break from booze can do us good in lots of different ways: 

More energy

Drinking less alchohol will improve the quality of your sleep. Even though alcohol makes us feel tired, it can disrupt our sleep pattern and can make us cranky the next day. If you're tired and finding it hard to concentrate at work, perhaps it's time to take a break. 

Better skin

Taking a break from booze can also give us healthier and younger-looking skin. Forget the night creams and beauty rituals before bed, just scrap the wine and you’ll soon notice the difference. Promise! This made a real difference to me. 

Save money

Not drinking can save you a fortune! Whilst £4 for a pint may seem like nothing at the time, it soon adds up. Think about all the money you could save by swapping beer for soft drinks (or even better, water). Another night in the pub after work or two week's in sunshine in Greece. I know which one I'd choose.....

Lose weight

Staying clear of alcohol can help you shave off a few pounds. Many of us don’t count our calories when it comes to drink: we check the labels for food, but ignore the wine. A medium glass of wine can contain as many calories as a portion of ice cream! If you're wanting to loose a few pounds, going booze-free for a few weeks will almost certainly help

Try cutting down and having alcohol-free days during the week, or set yourself a challenge and go cold turkey altogether. It may seem tough at first - especially if you're the odd one out drinking orange juice in the pub! Try getting a friend, partner or colleague to give up booze with you. If that fails, just think about the money you'll save! 

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