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5 Reasons to Eat More Curry

5 Reasons to Eat More Curry

Most of us won’t need convincing on the reasons why we need to eat more curry, simply because it tastes great and is an easy meal to make at home. Apart from all those aromatic flavours that we love, they benefit us in many ways as the spices in curries have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties.

The main problem is we love our creamy, mild curries all too much. Varieties such as Korma and Tikka Massala do contain healthy spices, but are coated in cream and fried in lots of oil that it takes away the health benefits by adding so many calories. Apart from that we should all be eating more curry for both flavour and a healthy body, here's why:

  1. Spices. All curries contain spices, that’s what they’re made of and what gives them their kick and great flavour. Popular spices in curries such as turmeric, ginger, nutmeg and so on have a long list of health benefits that have been used for years to prevent illnesses such as sickness and even colds!

  2. Garlic. As much as we may love this little clove, it is one we try to avoid before a night out or going outside but it’s one we should be using more of. It’s a popular and ancient medicine with lots of essential vitamins and minerals. These can help combat sickness and cardiovascular disease leading to a healthy heart.

  3. Heat. Indian cooking is all about the spice, and the hotter the better. This warmth stimulates the circulation in our bodies and aids the digestion process, as well as booting your immune system. Spicy food is great for the body and can prevent many diseases, so turning up the heat on your curry may leave you reaching for the milk all night but will definitely do your body some good!

  4. Yoghurt. Most curries use yoghurt to make them creamy and light coloured, it is also used for the common curry condiment raita - a cool tasty dip. Not only is it useful for cooling down our mouths from the spices, it is a great source of calcium, protein and vitamin D. This is great for fighting off bad bacteria and giving us strong, healthy bones. 

  5. Protein. Most of us will include chicken or red meat into our curries such as lamb or beef. These meats give us a great source of protein, and paired with the carbohydrates from the rice and vegetables included it makes an all round nutritious meal. Vegetarian versions will usually consist of vegetables, beans and lentils which again are great meat-free protein sources.

Whilst curries can be a healthy dish with a kick, they can be ladened with all sorts of downfalls. Avoid creamy, heavy-based curries such as korma as these can total up to a hefty amount of calories. When getting take-out, try some healthy swaps such as changing poppadoms for chappati, korma for tomato based sauces like bhuna and pilau rice for basmati. This way you can get the real benefits of authentic Indian cooking!

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