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Love Lime? You Will After Reading This…

Love Lime? You Will After Reading This…

Limes may be small, but they punch above their weight! Not only are limes an essential ingredient for smoothies, stir-fries and Thai curries, but they're downright good for us too. 

If you don't already love lime, you will after reading this: 


Not only do they look great in a mojito, limes are full of vital vitamins and antioxidants that our bodies need to stay healthy. Limes are jam-packed with vitamin C, a vitamin which we need to source through our diet because we can't store it in our bodies. Vitamin C helps our immune system to function properly, protect our cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, and is needed to help heal wounds. Definitely a good reason to add some extra lime to your smoothie...

Weight Loss

It doesn’t just end there, we need to take advantage of limes high soluble fibre content. This may not sound all that glamorous but it is something to look out for as it can aid weight loss, and like most of us we will try anything! Soluble fibres help us feel full by slowing down digestion - so spruce up your water with some sliced lime and get rid of those hunger pains. That’s not all fibre does for us, it lowers bad cholesterol to make sure we keep a healthy heart, can control diabetes and lower the risk of certain diseases.


The common cold and feverish symptoms we get around winter time are unfortunately not far around the corner and whilst were all stuck for ideas on how to say bye to grubby tissues and constant sneezing, limes could be the answer. The high vitamin C in limes and citrus fruits can lower our temperature and help bring us back to normality whilst letting the antioxidants get to work on the illness.

We know what you’re thinking, all these amazing benefits from that tiny little thing that sits in the fruit bowl for weeks? Yes! Rinse them for all they’re worth and try and add them to anything they taste good with - which we found is most things.


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