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4 Foods For Glowing Skin

4 Foods For Glowing Skin

The question as to whether your diet influences the way your skin appears has caused many a debate in recent times. It’s believed too much sugar can cause acne, or can speed up the ageing process and cause your skin to sag and appear dull. Dairy is thought to be another contributor to blemishes and even eczema. 

Think of it this way - greasy food, fizzy drinks, sugary snacks and too much booze is going to make you feel pretty grotty, and depending on your luck in the gene pool, will also show in your physique and most likely, your skin. Someone eating a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, plenty of oily fish and other healthy fats, and guzzling nothing but water is most likely going to feelmuch better in their skin. 

The term ‘you are what you eat’ comes to mind, and I’m a firm believer that your diet is going to be revealed in your skin too. 

Thankfully, there is an abundance of fresh, clean foods you can eat to really get your skin glowing and keep you fit and healthy too…

1. AVOCADO: The main thing to ensure is that your getting plenty of healthy fats and Omega 3 in your diet, so think coconut oil (incredible as a natural make up remover), nuts, salmon, chia seeds and the wondrous natural beauty that is avocado. Smash up half an avocado over some toasted sourdough, serve with your morning eggs, transform into guacamole or whizz up in a green smoothie. If you want plump, glowing skin, fat is the way forward. 

2. BERRIES: Of course, a diet in an abundance of fruit and vegetables should be your prerogative on your mission to beautiful skin. If you’re watching your sugar intake, go for low GI berries which are pumped full of Vitamin C and antioxidants, both of which are key nutrients to keep your skin glowing. Stir through your porridge or kill two birds with one stone and make a chia seed jam.

3. DARK CHOCOLATE: From one antioxidant rich food to another, dark chocolate is packed full of flavanols and aids in protecting the skin. Flavanoids protect the skin from harsh UV rays, and too much sun exposure can speed up the ageing process. Ensure you’re munching on at least 70% cocoa to reap the benefits. The limited amount of sugar will mean your hormones stay stable, so no more sudden hormonal and sugar spikes that result in nasty skin eruptions. 

4. WATER: We all know hydration is key when keeping your skin happy. A lack of water really shows in your skin, and dehydrated skin is something so many of us battle with. Even those on the oilier side of the skincare spectrum. To make things more exciting, pop in a slice or two of lemon or lime, and even some fresh mint leaves and aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day. 


A diet heavy in a variety of plants is generally credited with great benefits for your skin.  If related to this you are on the hunt for some great plant based foodie gifts then a vegetarian hamper can be a great choice.

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