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Yumbles Community: Contributor Guidelines

Yumbles Community: Contributor Guidelines

Why contribute to the Yumbles Community?

Have an impact

When somebody connects with something you have posted on the Yumbles Community, you have the opportunity to really make a difference. From inspiring someone to make a healthier choices, to giving them the motivation they need to start their own business. Words (and images!) have power, and you have the power to make a difference.

Reach new audiences 

We’ll be promoting your posts to our audience of food fans, helping you reach thousands of new readers every week. Link directly to your blog and social media profiles from your Yumbles Community profile, to build your followers and brand.

Be part of something new and exciting

Whether you’re posting for fun or because you want to showcase your expertise, joining the Yumbles Community means you’re part of something genuinely new and exciting in the world of food, drink and healthy living. Who knows where this could take you?

Posting Tips:


You want your posts to stand out on the community and attract comments, likes and shares! So before posting, think about which images catch your attention online. The best posts have really great quality, eye-catching images - think food porn at it’s best.

When uploading an image with your post, make sure it measures at least 1024 pixels wide x 764 pixels tall, and is no bigger than 10mb. If your image doesn’t meet our quality standards for any reason, we will contact you with feedback.

Post Length

Short posts work best on the Yumbles Community. Keep your posts under 500 words (ideally less - 250 words is fine). Use formatting such as paragraphs, bullet points and spacing to break-up your text and make it easy to read. If you want to an article that’s longer than 500 words, you could consider breaking it up into a series.

Post Titles

When coming up with titles for your posts, think what types of articles grab your attention online. Be literal rather than cryptic, so people know what your post is about. For example: “Can You Drink Red Wine and Be Healthy?”, “5 Cauliflower Hacks You’ll Love”. If in doubt, take a look at other posts on the Yumbles Community to find relevant examples. 

Style and Tone

The Yumbles Community is a place for you to inspire, and be inspired. For that reason - we’d love you to keep your posts positive, upbeat and engaging. Most importantly though - have fun, and be yourself! Share your passion, and if in doubt - write like you’d usually speak.

What to Post:

It goes without saying (hopefully!), but you should only post content which you own or have the right for share. That means using photographs which you have taken yourself, or which are available for re-use. By posting on the Yumbles Community you are agreeing that you have the rights to use any content you share. As the author of your posts, you are responsible for any copyright violations that might arise. If in doubt, please check.


When posting recipes, please follow the format used on other recipes already published on the Yumbles Community. If you are posting a recipe that you didn’t create yourself, please mention where you found it, or who / what it was inspired by.

Health Tips and Advice

When making health claims, please relate these to personal experience (where relevant), or cite relevant research. Please do not share anything that could be construed as medical advice on the Yumbles Community, unless you are qualified to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I post content which has already appeared on my blog?

It’s fine to cover subjects which have already appeared on your blog - for example, by giving recipes or articles a new twist. However, we would strongly advise that you don’t re-post articles word-for-word. This is because publishing duplicate content can lead to penalties from Google, and can harm your blog.

It’s fine to share photographs that you have already used or shared on social media. It’s also fine to share content which has already appeared in a book or ebook for example. If in doubt, please get in touch to check before you post.

Can I share images which have already appeared on my blog, or on social media?

Yes, it’s fine to post images which you have already published on your blog or on social media, provided you have the right to use the image. For example - it’s a photograph which you have taken yourself, purchased from a stock image website, or is available for re-use under a Creative Commons license.

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