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What Is Sea Buckthorn?

What Is Sea Buckthorn?

Sea Buckthorn is the new miracle berry on the block. This thorny shrub isn't just great for our skin and digestive health, it's also done a stellar job of protecting the English coastline from erosion over the past decade. Is there anything Sea Buckthorn can't do?! 

Sea buckthorn is increasingly being featured as a star ingredient in skincare and health foods, both as an oil and juice. Here's what sea buckthorn is, and why we're getting so excited about this new superfood: 

Antioxidant Rich

Sea Buckthorn berries are an extremely rich source of antioxidants. They are chock-full of vitamins A, B, C and E: Sea Buckthorn berries contain 10 times more Vitamin C than oranges! As well as using Sea Buckthorn oil topically as a skin treatment, eating or drinking food and drink which contains Sea Buckthorn could be a great way to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and improve your skin. 

Omega Fatty Acids 

Sea Buckthorn is the only plant-based source of all four omega fatty acid: Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. These essential fatty acids play an important role in the healthy functioning of the body; consumption of Omega fatty acids has been proven to help with everything from brain development to joint health. If you're a vegetarian and don't eat fish, Sea Buckthorn could be an incredibly useful addition to your diet. 

How to Eat It 

If you're lucky enough to be able to forage Sea Buckthorn berries (they're actually pretty common here in the UK), you could make your own juice by boiling and pressing through muslin. Don't be put off by the smell! You'll need to sweeten it with honey (or your chosen sweetener), as Sea Buckthorn berries are incredibly sour. Once sweetened, the brightly coloured juice can be drizzled over pancakes, porridge...even added to jams, soups and pies.


Add Sea Buckthorn oil or juice to smoothies - it tastes great, plus it'll give you that amazing antioxidant boost! Sea Buckthorn juice can also give cocktails and alcoholic drinks a nutrient-rich twist - add Sea Buckthorn juice to champagne for the ultimate health drink. If you're looking for something less wild, you could try adding Sea Buckthorn juice to your usual cup of herbal tea. 

Next time you're around the coast (or even driving along the motorway) you might bump into this orange shrub - have a go at foraging, but be careful of the prickly thorns protecting the berries! For an easier and more convenient option, you might want to buy Sea Buckthorn juice or oil online. It's becoming more common and easier to find. 

If you’ve come across Sea Buckthorn before, we'd love to hear how you've used it. Leave a comment below!

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