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3 Thirst-Quenching Recipes to Stay Hydrated This Summer

3 Thirst-Quenching Recipes to Stay Hydrated This Summer

We all need to drink more water, don't we? Its constantly in the news about the amount of sugar-loaded fizzy drinks we drink and how we all just need to drink more plain 'ol water. But even though we know the facts, it it doesn't stop us for reaching for the fizz after a long day a work, desperate for something different to quench our thirst.

Well I have come up with a few ideas to get your taste buds tingling and to leave your skin hydrated and dewy.

1. Minty mash 

Take one jug. Add 2 sliced limes, 2 slices of cucumber, and a handful of fresh mint sprigs. Smash and rub the mint in the palm of your hand to release the flavours before topping it all with water. Pop into the fridge over night and in the morning you'll have a cool, refreshing and nutrient-rich water. 

2. Spicy Lemonade

For this one, you will need a juicer. Take 4 lemons and peel them making sure that the pith (white part) is still on the lemon. Peel a piece of ginger about half an inch (or more depending on personal taste), then juice everything together. Add a shake of cayenne pepper and some maple syrup to taste. I decant mine into a recycled glass bottle and store in the fridge.

When its time to serve, just use it like a cordial with sparkling water and some ice.

3. Sparkling Vitamin C

Put some ice into a glass add a teaspoon of baobob, a slice of orange and top with sparkling water, slowly. Baobab is a superfood and full of immune boosting Vitamin C. Drink this cocktail with some leafy greens and your more likely to store the iron. Think popeye!

Have a beautiful summer!

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