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Feeling Low? You Need To Eat These Foods

Feeling Low? You Need To Eat These Foods

There are times when I’ve been burning the candle at both ends from working hard, going to event after event, not getting enough sleep, while still pushing myself to work out daily and squeeze in everything I possibly can in a day.

This is where the wonderful powers of food can come in, in the form of raw, natural food products that can easily be incorporated into your diet. I’m wheat intolerant and try to eat as healthily and ‘clean’ as possible with a high protein, low carb focus, but in particular when I’m feeling run down or low on energy, I find it even more important to eat well.

Here are some of my favourite and fail-safe food options to support me if I’m feeling a bit low in mood or energy:

  • Nuts, seeds and unsweetened dried fruits with a sprinkling of raw cacao powder are great as either a snack or as a topping for porridge or yogurt; the protein and healthy fats together with the natural sugars from the fruit are a partnership made in heaven. 
  • Organic spirulina powder is perhaps the most complete food known to man with over 100 nutrients and a whole host of vitamin A, B6 and iron. I find adding this to smoothies, juices or included in recipes really helps to lift my mood - it’s an ideal remedy for aiding a busy, active lifestyle. 
  • Edamame beans are my favourite little beans of goodness and are a great vegetarian source of protein, containing all nine essential amino acids. They are also rich in fibre, B-complex vitamins, plus calcium, phosphorus and potassium - the happy chemical! I love throwing these into a salad or blending them up into a ‘hummus’ or soup. 
  • I pretty much have a banana every day after a workout, whizzed up into a protein smoothie, frozen and blended with cacao and maca powder to make a healthy ‘ice cream’, or in baking recipes...the opportunities are endless. If I’m ever feeling like I’m running on empty or my mood is a bit low, one of these bad boys usually does the trick.
  • Finally, eggs are one of my all-time favourite ingredients in my daily diet but even more so when I’m a bit under the weather. Naturally rich in B-vitamins (responsible for converting food into energy) and Vitamin D to maintain strong bones - great for after a workout - whether poached, hard-boiled, scrambled or used in an omelette, eggs are always a fail-safe option to get your energy levels back up!

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