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How To Keep Fit On Holiday

How To Keep Fit On Holiday

I am off on holiday next weekend and I might be an anomaly, but putting on the dreaded holiday weight really plays on my mind! I always go away with the intentions of eating really well and getting in some fitness when I can. Other people might think that is a bit mental, but that's just me.

If you are someone who worries about the scales post holiday, here are a few great tips to help keep the pounds off (or at least not add as many!) without a gruelling early morning workout every day.

Hit the Pool

Whenever you get too hot soaking up the sun, take a dip in the pool. Swimming gentle laps of the pool will not only help you cool down but it will help you burn off some calories! Swimming is nice and easy on your body and won’t tire you out, unless you are giving it some welly! 

Another great move in the pool is treading water. Treading water at a moderate effort for 30 minutes burns about 135 calories, so if you did it for 5-10 minutes every time you got in the pool you could rack up a pretty good calorie deficit by the end of the day!

Drink Water

Make sure you drink plenty of water! Water will help keep you cool and is a much better poolside option that a sugary coke or slushy. Keeping a bottle of water with you on day trips is also a really good idea. 


I love to have a look around the town that we are staying in. So why not get out and have a little walk around the local area? Doing this will help you to discover places that are not always on the Trip Advisor pages plus walking is another gentle form of fitness that will help you burn calories.

Get romantic

With this I mean go for a romantic stroll along the beach. A walk in the sand is so good for you - not only does it give you the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved one, but it is a great way of burning calories! 

Take the Stairs

If your hotel room is above the first floor, hit the stairs on your way back to your room to add to the calories deficit.

My take on it all is simple, enjoy your holiday - relax, try new foods and enjoy the drinks but balance it all out with some light exercise and hopefully you won’t need to hide the scales when you get home!

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