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3 Tips On Eating Clean And Staying Sane

3 Tips On Eating Clean And Staying Sane

I think most, if not all health-consious humans have experienced the strain and stress of trying to maintain a healthy, wholefoods-based and 100% clean diet. I've definitely felt the emotional ties firsthand, feeling guilty when I eventually binge at midnight on a whole tub of icecream or maybe even a box of cookies. I lie, I ate both...

It can be incredibly hard to have that psychological stress when trying to stick to a clean diet. I feel like a big reason is that whilst you may consider it healthy, you are restricting a whole group of foods, whether it be fats, refined sugar, or both (yikes). And because I've gone through it, I thought I'd share my tips on staying mentally sane whilst eating clean.

1. Out of sight, Out of Mind

When shopping, if you want to avoid that mid-shopping - "do I put the Ben and Jerry's in the trolley"crisis, stick to the perimeters of the supermarket. By doing this, you'll avoid processed, not-so-good-for-you foods. Plus, if you're not actively browsing the ice-cream section, you're more likely to not even think about it.

2. Forgive Yourself

The number of times I have felt guilty about the whole packet of Oreos I glazed with chocolate sauce and chomped down is ridiculous. Food should NEVER make you feel guilty, only energised. Instead of binging, consider being in control of the 'binge' foods you eat. If you tell yourself: "right, I'm going to eat this Oreo sleeve, because I want to, NOT because I'm binging or out of control", you will feel more in control of what you eat and may even enjoy those foods more. You may find that you end up not eating as many!

3. Find Clean Treats

Now this is the fun part. Looking-up recipes, creating your own, finding ways of creating healthy yet oh-so-heavenly treats can be a sure-fire way of fulfilling that craving AND feeling no guilt whatsoever. Try a vegan cheesecake, made of a nut and date crust with a cashew-cream filling, dates filled with almond butter and glazed with dark chocolate, or keep it simple with fruit kebabs, a square of dark chocolate or blend up some bananas for some quick 'nicecream'. The list is endless, and delicious.

I hope I've shared some insight into maintaining a clean, healthy diet without going crazy!

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