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Wasabi: 5 Surprising Ways to Enjoy This Fiery Food

Wasabi: 5 Surprising Ways to Enjoy This Fiery Food

Did you know most of the Wasabi we buy or eat isn’t actually Wasabi at all? Real wasabi is notoriously difficult to grow and harvest, so most of what we consume here in the UK is actually a mixture of horseradish and mustard. That’s not to say we shouldn’t love wasabi though! If you’re a fan of this fiery green paste, don’t limit yourself to enjoying it with sushi. Here are some surprising (and delicious) ways we’ve found to eat wasabi:

1. Popcorn

Try sprinkling wasabi powder and dried ginger on freshly-popped popcorn. If you love wasabi, you'll absolutely love this. Completely moreish!

2. Mayo

Add wasabi to shop bought or homemade mayonnaise - add a little lemon juice if needed. I absolutely love this with grilled tuna steaks.

3. Hummus

Add a little wasabi and soy sauce to hummus and you have yourself a Greek-Japanese dip. Fusion cooking at it's best! Blend cooked chickpeas, tahini paste, lemon juice, soy sauce and wasabi paste in a blender or food processor until smooth, then enjoy.

4. Guacamole

Fire-up your guacamole by adding a few drops of wasabi. Just remember to tell your guests before they tuck in (or not, depending on how naughty you're feeling...)

5. Chocolate

The one you’ve been dying to read! Yes, white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate - they all go well with wasabi. Wasabi chocolate cake is a particular favourite - if you ever get the chance to try it (or indeed, make it), you really should give it a try.

If you're feeling inspired to start experimenting, the key is not to go overboard. Start with a tiny amount of wasabi, and you can always add more if you need to!

Have you discovered any surprising ways to incorporate wasabi in your cooking?

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