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What To Do With Butternut Squash

What To Do With Butternut Squash

Lots of us struggle with this tough-skinned veg, simply because it's so hard to cut up. Maybe this is my calling to join the gym?! But sticking it out and hacking through the hardy exterior leads to a vitamin-rich, fibre-filled firm flesh that's packed with nutrients and tastes delicious. 

Although there are a million ways to cook and use butternut squash, these have to be my favourite:

Stuff It! 

A super easy, healthy and filling lunch or dinner! Scoop out the seeds (save them for later), roast the butternut squash with some mixed herbs and olive oil for around 40 minutes. Once done, stuff with cooked quinoa, spinach, feta cheese and garlic, then return to cook for 10 minutes.

Super Seeds

The reason I say to look after the seeds is because they make a super quick, nutrient-rich snack. Allow them to dry out a bit before scattering across a lightly oiled baking tray with herbs and a sprinkle of sea salt (I like dusting over Za'atar, or a pinch of cinnamon when I’m craving something sweet) and roast for about 40 minutes - checking regularly to ensure they don’t go too brown. In an air-tight container these should stay fresh and tasty for about 2 weeks.

Best-Ever Squash Soup

Nothing beats a steaming mug of freshly made butternut squash soup. Chop then roast your butternut squash with olive oil for around half an hour, then whizz it up with fried onions, creme fraiche, coriander, garlic and vegetable stock. Perfect for those chilly autumn days. 

Comforting Curry 

Being vegetarian I’m always looking for a tasty and staple food that can replace the fail-safe ‘chicken’. Roasting or boiling butternut squash and adding it to Indian favourites works a treat, but personally I can’t resist it in a Thai green curry. The sweet flesh contrasts brilliantly with the the creamy coconut milk and lime. 

Friday Night Risotto

Add roasted butternut squash to risotto made with arborio rice, vegetable stock, white wine (I won’t judge if you end up finishing the bottle..), thyme sprigs, sage and garlic. Another perfect autumn dish. 

Hopefully now you won’t be wondering what to do with butternut squash! I’d love to know your favourite recipes - leave me a comment below if you have any to share...

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