What To Do With Aubergines


Did you know that aubergines are in not in fact vegetabls at all, but large berries? It was a new one on me! Aubergines are in season throughout the summer and at their best until the end of October. So now is a good time to be enjoying this delicious vegetable (sorry, berry!). They are probably most famous for their appearance in Mediterranean cuisine and the traditional greek dish Moussaka, but there is so much more you can do with aubergines, trust me!

Here are a few ideas for what to do with aubergines: 

Roll Em’ Up

For anyone wanting to cut out the carbs, then aubergines can make a great pasta substitute. It’s a much healthier alternative and will stop you ending up in the all-too-common food coma, caused by heavy carb-based meals that leaves us feeling drowsy and with little energy. Try replacing cannelloni pasta for aubergine rolls stuffed with spinach and ricotta, then topped with tomato sauce and breadcrumbs. Heaven! 

Melt Them

As aubergines are pretty beefy for a vegetable, they make a great vegetarian main course (or you can add meaty toppings such as chorizo or chopped bacon). Slice them in half longways, sprinkle with a little olive oil, season and bake for around 30mins. Once nearly cooked you can add an array of toppings - add tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil for a carb-free pizza or top with kale, pine nuts, feta cheese and a little green pesto for a crunchy, healthy meal!

Use In A Curry

If you’re looking for ways to spice-up your veggie curry or just simply fancy bulking it out with more than just chicken, then aubergine is a winner. Lightly fry sliced aubergine in coconut oil until browned and add to homemade curries. Try Thai varieties made with coconut milk for a real authentic taste.

With Salad

Heading into autumn shouldn’t mean the end of light, refreshing salads - roasting chunks of aubergine is a quick and easy way of warming up this summertime dish. Marinate them in harissa paste and herbs before roasting if you’re feeling exotic.

Veggie Burgers

Slice and fry aubergines to make a healthy, vegetarian burger - you can even add grilled halloumi cheese, with a homemade tzatziki for a greek-tasting twist!

Now you won’t be stuck for ideas on what to do with aubergines - hopefully! They're full of flavour, goodness and can be used thousands of ways to make tasty dishes at home. If you have any more ideas I’d love to hear them...

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