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5 Ways to Eat Fruit Cake

5 Ways to Eat Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is a very traditional cake that is often eaten for afternoon tea and is a key part of family celebrations such as Weddings, Christmas, Easter and Birthdays. However if you fancy a change of heart, a vegan fruit cake may be ideal for you! Whilst fruit cake is undeniably delicious by itself, here are some intriguing food and drink pairings:   

1. (As expected) with a nice Cuppa Tea

The most popular and traditional way of eating fruit cake is with a nice pot of tea.  You can’t beat a slice of fruit cake with your favourite cuppa!  You don’t have to miss out when you are out and about either - as our individual slices of fruit cake are perfect to pop in your rucksack with a flask of tea when out cycling or walking.

2. A slice of cheese

Eating cheese with fruit cake may sound a little strange at first (especially if you’re not from Yorkshire where we find it quite normal!); but the sweetness of the fruit from a fruitcake contrasts beautifully with the sharp, saltiness of the cheese, giving it an instant lift. Try our sweet tasting Cherry Orchard fruit cake with its almondy notes with a strong variety like Stilton. Explore many more of our specialist cheese gifts from Yumbles.

3. A Glass of Something Fizzy

A bottle of fizz can make a celebration of any occasion.  Our Ginger Tingle Fruit Cake will leave your tastebuds dancing & tingling for more; so teams up wonderfully with a glass of celebratory bubbles!

 4. Dark, strong coffee

A rich chocolatey fruit cake, Coco Bazaar, full of Eastern flavours pairs up perfectly with a rich, aromatic cup of coffee.  Both dark and mysterious, the bitterness of the coffee complements the sweetness of the fruit cake perfectly.  A real indulgent treat.

5. Simple Ice cream

A fruit cake and ice cream partnership is always a winner!  Simple flavours of ice cream like vanilla or even chocolate offer a complimentary taste to fruit cakes.  If the fruit cake is a little spicy like our Cinnamon Pippin, a lemon ice cream will help cleanse the palette.  Or why not embrace the “Yorkshire thing” completely and serve with a Wensleydale Ice Cream!

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