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All Things Marshmallow: London Marshmallow Company Book & Give-Away

All Things Marshmallow: London Marshmallow Company Book & Give-Away

Ross O'Brien and Amy Nelson are the creative confectionery geniuses behind The London Marshmallow Company. As well as selling at an array of food markets, fairs and online at Yumbles, the duo have just launched their debut recipe book "All Things Marshmallow".

Read on to find out what Amy has to say about All Things Marshmallow, plus how you can win a signed copy in our Yumbles Community give-away: 

Congratulations on the launch of your new book! What can expect from All Things Marshmallow?

All Things Marshmallow is the perfect book for anyone interested in taking their confectionery making skills further. It's also the perfect gift for any marshmallow fan! We carefully explain how to make marshmallows at home and then have so many other ideas for flavour combinations. It's also great if you just want ideas on how you can use our gourmet marshmallows in a really special way - for example the mallow pops at a party. Every recipe comes with a beautiful photo - our photographer Keiko was amazing so it's also just a delight to leaf through. 

The book has over 80 recipes - how did you come up with them all?

We developed, tested and wrote 85 recipes for the book - it was a very busy time! We already had a lot of marshmallow recipes from our days trading at Broadway Market but we wanted the book to be more than just straight forward marshmallows - it actually has masses of cake, sweets, drinks and dessert recipes - even some breakfasts! So we divided the book into five chapters that all focused on different occasions / times of the year and then got experimenting - some things didn't work at all but others have become firm favourites. The raspberry ombre cake with marshmallow buttercream icing is absolutely beautiful and delicious - Ross made it for my 30th Birthday Party this year! Plus the cocoa whoopee pies filled with coffee mallow creme are absolute winners for a large crowd.

What's next for The London Marshmallow Company?

Well its been a busy year so far and its probably going to get busier with the launch of the book! The book is also launching in North America and we also have some shows coming up (Cake and Bake and Taste).To top it all off Ross and I are actually getting married at the end of September so we are squeezing in a gastronomic honeymoon to Italy! Once Christmas is out of the way we are focusing on the next stage of our business which will be launching a Marshmallow Cafe and we are also discussing TV opportunities so lots of exciting things to look forward to in 2016!

Give-Away: Win a Signed Copy of All Things Marshmallow

The London Marshmallow Company have teamed-up with Yumbles to give away a signed copy of All Things Marshmallow, as well as a mixed bag of delicious gourmet marshmallows. For your chance to win, just leave a comment under this post telling us why you'd like to win.

The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, October 2nd and will be contacted by email - good luck!

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106 months ago
Because they have the best marshmallows on the planet and you can't have too much of the best!
106 months ago
I'd love to win as i'm a super big fan of marshmallows myself and have just got a chocolate fountain so would love these to dip in it!
106 months ago
I've always loved marshmallows, and would love to be able to make my own! The added recipes for using them in other baking or cooking - bonus! What a fantastic idea!
106 months ago that I can beat my personal best of number of Flumps I can fit in my mouth & say goodbye to inferior mallow! With the book I'll have a rainbow of flavours & a superior quality sweet treat to indulge in.
106 months ago
Money can't buy happiness but it can buy marshmallows which is kinda the same thing.

With this book I can be happy every day!!!
106 months ago
Because marshmallows are amazing, and I've had a mad craving for them lately. I've made them myself in the past but it was such a tricky process with a rather sub-par recipe online...well, a marshmallow recipe book could be the key to world peace. You never know.
106 months ago
My boyfriend loves sweet things and especially marshmallows... but he's in the marines, so is away a lot. I'd love to send him marshmallow parcels, knowing they won't break in the post!

(plus maybe make a few for myself...)
106 months ago
My husbands birthday is coming up and he lives marshmallows! I would love to make him some to surprise him not only with something he loves, but also that I have actually made something he can eat!!!
106 months ago
I'd love to win, because i'm getting a new kitchen in the new year and would love ideas of creative things to make!


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