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Cool Running: What to Wear

Cool Running: What to Wear

Whether we want to admit it or not the weather has taken a turn for the cold side and it is feeling more and more like winter as September comes to an ends. But don't be put off! Running in the cold can be so much easier, all you need to do is be dressed for the occasion. 

Long sleeves

Putting a long sleeve top on is a simple way of keeping warm without too much effort. I typically put a base layer on under my vest to keep the chill off. For this, you don’t need to spend a of money on a base layer, a basic long sleeved t-shirt will do. I find it better to layer up, then if I get too hot I can take one off to cool down.


When it becomes windy or rainy, my hands are the first part of my body to get cold. Having a pair of gloves when you run can be all you need to keep you at the perfect temperature. Again, these don’t need to be anything fancy, any old gloves will do.


My ears are very quick to get cold on a run, and often leads to a headache so a hat is the first thing I grab when going to a run in the cold. But if you are going to use a hat, make sure that you don’t have to many other layers on as you can quickly become overheated and not enjoy your run.

Wind jackets

Wind jackets are a great investment in my opinion. They are lightweight, waterproof jackets that can fold away to a small packet. Not only to they help to keep you warm but they keep you dry in the rain. My jacket was from H&M and is fully reflective so no one will miss me when running at night. These jackets come in all styles and colours, but I would encourage you to go for a bright coloured one or one with reflective bits on to keep you safe in the dark.

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