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7 Ridiculously Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas For Kids

7 Ridiculously Easy Halloween Party Food Ideas For Kids

Kids convinced you to throw a last-minute halloween tea party? Or maybe you've just realised October 31st is...erm, tomorrow?! There's no need to panic if you've left things late, just take a look at these 7 ridiculously easy halloween party food ideas for kids. 

Get the little ones involved and they'll love creating these spooky treats. The Puking Pumpkin is a favourite in our house, and will even impress big kids! 

1. Petrifying Puddings 

Blend a frozen banana, greek yoghurt and dash of orange juice until smooth. Layer in a ramekin with broken chocolate sponge or brownie bites, another of the banana mixture, then top with marshmallow eyes and a blob of thick chocolate. Keep in the fridge until you're ready to eat. 

2. Bloody Punch 

Make a spooky punch by mixing cranberry juice, orange juice and sparking water or lemonade. Add a few chopped grape "eyeballs" to add to the fear factor, and a dead man's hand (see below) 

3. Dead Man's Hand 

A great way to add a ghastly effect to your punch is to fill a clean rubber glove up with water and tie it with an elastic band and freeze. Once completely frozen, rinse under warm water and peel away the glove and add to your punch! 

4. Silly Snakes

Add the heads of jelly snakes or other scary sweets with water before freezing to make ice cubes, a great effect even if you don’t eat them afterwards....

5. Marshmallow Ghosts

Paint spooky faces on marshmallows using an icing pen or melted chocolate. Either skewer on a stick, or pile on a plate and serve as they are. 

6. Spooky Soup

Buy or make butternut squash or tomato soup and decorate it with soured cream in the shape of a spiders' web. This is a good trick at any time of year if you want to convince super-hero obsessed children to eat vegetable soup! 

7. Puking Pumpkin

Carve your pumpkin with an open mouth and lay on a tray surrounded by tortilla chips sprinkled with paprika. Make a large amount of guacamole by adding avocado, tomatoes, onions and lime juice to a food processor. Place the guacamole so it’s coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth - lovely. 

Do you have any other halloween party food ideas you'd like to share? Let me know if so by leaving a comment below! 

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