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With a strong passion for coffee, the team here at CaféPod strive to provide fellow coffee-addicts with quick and easy ways to make high quality coffee without even leaving the house! We're the market-leading company in the UK selling Nespresso-compatible coffee pods.

We thought we'd explain a little about single origin coffees and why we're such big fans of these extra-special brews, as well as offering a special offer for friends of Yumbles. Read on for more details! 

What is a single-origin coffee?

‘Single-origin’ coffees are sourced from single estates and regions from a particular country.

What makes them that little bit special?

They have unique flavour profiles distinctive to their region, impacted by the climate, elevation, soil and production methods. Here are some of our favourites: 

Sumatra – Lake Tawar

The Aceh coffees of Lake Tawar are regarded as the best to be found in Northern Sumatra and are grown by smallholders situated high in the hills at an altitude of around 1200 – 1650m. Wet hulled, in a process unique to the Northern Sumatra region, the resulting Organic Fairtrade Arabica beans have a full-bodied taste with a slight coffee cherry note, delicious dark chocolate aromas and passion fruit and cinnamon spice to finish.

Columbia – Huila

The Huila region of South West Colombia is at an elevation of 1400-1800m. Crafted from high quality Fairtrade Arabica beans, Colombia Huila represents the best of small-batch production. Dedicated farmers remove the fruit from the bean before fermentation for greater flavour clarity and acidity. The result is a balanced, complex and aromatic coffee with vibrant orange zestiness and a luxurious chocolate finish.

Ethiopia – Sidamo

Crafted from high quality certified organic Fairtrade Arabica beans and slow-grown in richly volcanic soils under the shade of indigenous trees, Ethiopia Sidamo has a unique flavour profile that characterises the region’s coffee. Our dedicated blenders have combined both washed and naturally processed beans to reveal their inherent fruit flavours, resulting in a bright and berry-rich cup.

Guatemala - Antigua

The shade-grown Arabica beans of Guatemala Antigua ripen in a microclimate circled by three volcanoes, and have a flavour profile unique among the country’s coffees. The region’s dry sunny days and cool nights are perfect for fruit maturation and processing. After removing the pulp of the fruit, farmerson Rainforest Alliance Certified ™ farms hand-rake their beans on patios over two weeks, resulting in a perfectly balanced, creamy cocoa-led coffee.

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