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Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts

Easy Homemade Christmas Gifts

Perhaps you don’t fancy splashing out on the latest games console, or maybe you think CDs and gift vouchers are impersonal and cliché. Either way; making something yourself is cheap, personal, and a fun way to express your love for someone this Christmas. But some of us haven’t made anything since woodwork class in school. It may seem daunting to some, and it might not be clear where to start. To help you get started, the following are a few simple ideas for homemade gifts.

Personalised Cups and Saucers

Find a cheap set of white cups and saucers, or even just the one mug – it’s what you do with it that’s important. You’ll need a porcelain marker pen, a bit of time, and an artistic vision! Perhaps make a “sorry” mug for that friend whose mug you broke.


With a couple of metres of velvet ribbon – which you should be able to find for about a quid – you can sort out gifts for all the bookworms in your circle. These bookmarks can be personalised by the choice of colour, and why not add some quirkiness by attaching a trinket to the end?  The e-book revolution hasn’t quite arrived – most still love the feel of a book – so make the most of this by creating some bookish presents!

Photo pillows

For this you’ll need a cotton ink-jet fabric sheet (be it iron-on or sew-on), an item of clothing, and a photograph that sums up your relationship with someone special. Creating a t-shirt design is surprisingly inexpensive – and you can choose absolutely anything!

Homemade Hand-Poured Candles

Old mugs, saucers and bowls – you’d be surprised how easy it is to make a candle-vessel. It's actually a lot cheaper and mess-free to make than people think, all you need is soy wax flakes, wicks and a mason jar or other container. Add cinnamon sticks to the sides for a Christmassy smell and chopped crayons to add colour to the melted mix.

Homemade Soap

This is another gift that you can tailor to suit the recipient’s personality. Whatever scent you think fit’s that person – you can add sage leaves, mint, or grapefruit zest. Soap is also something that everyone always needs – a safe stocking-filler!

Pop-Up Cards

The oldies are always the best; this traditional craft is easy, something to do with the kids, and a good way to save money on cards. Although it isn’t exclusively for kids; if all the joke cards are corny and there isn’t anything personal, you can show how funny you are and personalise a card – without splashing out on certain websites!


If you're into baking and often whip up a batch of brownies or cakes then make smaller bite-sized portions and make more of them to give as gifts. Once cooled just wrap in thin, clear plastic and tie with a ribbon to tighten or use a mason jar and decorate.

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