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7 Christmas Gifts for Foodies

7 Christmas Gifts for Foodies

We all have a food-fanatic in our circle, and it’s always difficult to pick something out for them at this time of year. They have all the equipment they need for the kitchen, own every cookbook under the sun, and are far better educated than us as to where to find the best ingredients. Yet there are a few simple gift ideas that they’re bound to appreciate...


An item that needs replacing regularly, for the regular chef at least, is the apron. When cooking, we’re often so busy that we don’t notice the grimy and falling-apart state of our apron! 


A scrapbook makes a great place for a chef - aspiring or veteran, to fill with ideas. Think of it as a research document before they get around to writing their cookbook...

Subscription to a Food Magazine

What do you get the foodie who has everything? Well, a food magazine subscription! A good idea if you know what they already read, or you could look up something more obscure. 

Poster or Wall Art

A decoration, inspiration, or simply a reminder of what they love – a framed picture in the kitchen is never a bad thing. Something minimalistic perhaps – a vintage Oxo poster from the fifties? 

Food Tour

If you feel like splashing out, there are plenty of expert tour guides willing to expose the masters of the trade. There are few who can give better advice to foodies than professional chefs. And for those who think they know it all already – they may be more interested in how the restaurant business works - or perhaps a historical tour of the food industry.

Food Making Kits

Are they a gin-lover? Cheese-addict? Or never without a glass of wine? Foodies love to eat good food, but they also enjoy making good food. So giving them a DIY gift such as growing their own grape vine or raw chocolatte making kit will be the ultimate present this year! 

Personalised Kitchen Items

The great thing about foodies is they will always be cooking, so getting them something for the kitchen will always be a winner. They will always appreciate an engraved chopping board to remind them of you everytime they're crying chopping up the onions! Or get some quirky egg cup holders, wine glasses or mugs - bound to raise a smile all year round. 

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