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18 Best and Worst Christmas Gifts for Men

18 Best and Worst Christmas Gifts for Men

Whilst we should know them extremely well, dad’s and boyfriend's still reign as the hardest to buy for at Christmas. From novelty reindeer jumpers to sock and ties, we’re still getting it all wrong. Although we love handmade, time-consuming thoughtful gift ideas, men on the other hand seem to be more accustomed to presents they can physically use on the day (unfortunately for us that can mean a day of FIFA screams to endure).

To avoid seeing the dreaded gift-face this year, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas do’s and don’ts - but of course some may not apply if the man in your life is a bit of a technophobe, clean-freak or very sentimental. Have a read...

The Best

  1. A portable phone charger - gone are the days with flip up phones and Nokia 3310’s which can battle through the week without charging. Some portable chargers are the size of a tube of lipstick or built-in to a phone case, so they couldn't be more convenient.
  2. Foodie gifts - near enough all men love food, right? And nothing says Merry Christmas better than a box of brownies, cheese and chutney or even a bacon curing kit.
  3. A watch - always a winner (unless they have a few already). Depending on your budget this year, watches are usually a great gift for men and is one of those presents you can really see how much they are using!
  4. Gift hampers - this is one that definitely comes across as a thoughtful present, plus it’s a lot more exciting that getting just one gift.
  5. Wireless headphones - if you’re fella loves music or is a gym-enthusiast, then no doubt he has an appropriate playlist to accompany him. Make life easier with wireless headphones; no mess, no knots and no pulling out your ears when you move.
  6. Zippy tangle free headphones - less pricey than the wireless kind, zip up headphones are great for everyone and eliminate the stresses of knots and tangles.
  7. Beer chiller sticks - an essential for any beer-lover. Just pop them in the freezer before cracking one open then just put it in the bottle while you sip. Gone are the days of warm, unprepared, fizzy brews.
  8. At-home alcohol making kit - what whisky, gin, cider or even ale drinking man wouldn't love to brew their own favourites in the comfort of their pajamas.
  9. Now TV box - unless you already have Sky and all the extras then this is a fail-proof gift for box set or film/sporting fanatics. Stream hundreds of films, TV shows, sport channels and all the catch-up channels on this handy little box.
  10. Fish eye/wide angle lens - A cheap and impressive phone add-on. Just pop a small magnet onto your phone and connect the lens to get fisheye pictures and cool GoPro looking images.

The Worst

  1. Tickets to see someone you love, not that they love. A rookie mistake that happens each year - just because beyonce is amazing and is doing a once-in-a-lifetime UK word tour doesn’t mean your other half feels the same.
  2. Games! Xbox, Playstation, whatever it is it’s a bad idea. As much as they’ll love it and get your money's worth out of it, you’ll soon regret it. Endless nights of gunshots, explosions and plotting operations with a 15 year old boy from the US on Call of Duty is never fun.
  3. Festive clothes - how often did he wear that musical Reindeer tie or matching Christmas tree jumper last year?
  4. Household items - Unless your other half is a domestic god then chances are they won’t be making much use of any kitchen-related gifts or utensils, no matter how much you're hinting.
  5. Novelty gifts - Being passionate about a particular hobby is by all means great, but realistically no one is going to keep that mini golf set for the toilet in there all the time or read the greatest beards ever novel on holiday.
  6. Socks - that’s old news, time to get creative.
  7. Aftershave gift sets - maybe as a last resort or a great secret santa present for someone in the office, but a pack of shower gel with some lynx spray probably won’t blow your partner's mind.
  8. A homemade photo album - unfortunately men aren’t like us sentimental women, well most anyway. It’s highly unlikely your homemade gifts will get as much as recognition and usage as you’d like. 

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